Today was my mom’s 110th birthday. She has been gone 21 years which is hard for me to believe. She was the stalwart one in our family able to handle any problem given to her. I never in all my life saw her crumble. She remained strong no matter how big the battle and there were sure some big ones being married to my dad for 73 years and being mom to a dozen kids! How much I love and respect the gifts of being raised by such a mom.

Today I start in a hotel room in Eastern Idaho doing what’s called a federal review for a school district here. Part of this work is done ahead of time where you examine documents the district submits electronically to the state dept of education supporting the use of the federal dollars they receive. I’ve looked at them as have the others on this team. When we met last night there was a good deal of conversation regarding the absence of this and that. When I was praying this morning I was reminded to look for what they are doing rather than what they aren’t doing. This we will get to do because we spend today and tomorrow in all of their schools interviewing and observing.

I love mornings when God is crystal clear and my mind is not filled with what the day had in it. I only want God before me but I too often allow the issues of the day to cloud the sweet voice of God’s Spirit. His voice is always here and I still need work on hearing it throughout my day and not just the start of it. I love how patient God is!

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