Sometimes I find that this journey we are on while we are in this human form takes us into difficult places. I saw and met a lot of nice people yesterday and I will again today. The work being done is nice but it is not completing the goal of teaching which is having all students learn well what they are being taught. There are five of us on the team and tomorrow we need to report to them all that we have seen in a fashion which enlightens them and doesn’t chastise them.

I read in my devotional this morning that God’s nature is loving and kind and in His kindness he allows us to choose to follow His lead rather than to follow our own emotions. Sometimes these two will collide. I listened to my team talk last night about our observations and we were all stymied at the time. I’m going to trust that God will give us the message we are to deliver as the time comes. I know I’m doing what I do for a reason and sometimes the reason is tougher than other times. However, it is the same Voice I want to be listening to no matter what the case is.

I’m trusting God to be fully in charge of this day and the results of it. To God be all Glory for Great Things He Hath Done–and will continue do so so as we are obedient to Him.

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