It was so good to get home last night. My unexpected blessing of the day was spending the driving time with the new director of the federal programs we were reviewing with the school district. She is young, energetic, thorough and very outgoing making it easy to get to know her. It made the 6 hour drive go by much quicker. She is also a christian, both her and her husband. The review ended very well and was the blessing God intended.

All night long I kept dreaming of garden problems. The watering didn’t work right, the crops planted weren’t germinating, the berries were only half bearing and more. I kept awakening realizing it was still February and it’s not time to plant anything yet. I do hope to prune the raspberries today before the guests arrive later this afternoon for Saturday’s wedding. It does tell me that my heart is in the garden–it is anxious and eager all at the same time!

The challenge of this morning’s devotional time seemed to center around my purpose for being a Christ follower. Do I follow Christ for the blessings of being a believer or do I follow Christ because I know Christ and want to be face to face with Him and His Father? It did cause me to think, but it did not take long to know that my only reason for following Christ is to know Him. Blessings accompany this relationship but more that blessings is the deep settled peace in my soul. This is the Joy of the Lord which obedience to Him offers. I know I am a sinner saved by GRACE, but I also know this saving grace is permanent and solid!

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