Everyone is here for tomorrow’s wedding. That is not very many in total number, but, it is a ton of emotion and support. It was odd for a moment last night as we got together, yet it seemed so natural and comfortable. I wanted to say–Thank You God my Father! How could an ex-husband and ex-wife get together with her second ex-husband and the two kids who were the result of the first marriage, all be together in the same house with the first ex-husband’s wife of today and be laughing and having a great time? Yet, it was happening and we were thankful. The two ex’s are staying here with Kathy and me and all is well. It is amazing how God heals wounds and brings about lasting relationships in spite of man’s choices.

Yesterday was a gift. I got most of the raspberries pruned, dug 100 plants out to give away today and still had time to shower and get ready for Celebrate Recovery. This God of ours is truly AMAZING and so FORGIVING. How much I want to serve Him well.

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