Today is the big day–this afternoon at 2:00 pm. After the ceremony everyone will come back to our home and we will have a BBQ and dinner. The group is only about 25 total with kids and adults. Yesterday was filled with activity but somewhat relaxing too. Tomorrow Kathy and I fly to S. Calif. to be with my two sisters there. We need to find time for packing, but I know this will fit into the day. Details have a way of fitting in at the right time if we (I) don’t fret.

It is the end of February, but for some reason the one devotional I’m reading of Oswald Chambers as well as my scripture reading are hitting on Christ’s crucifixion and it’s fullness in meaning as though it is Easter. Oswald says that God didn’t have Christ come to the cross for man, but for God Himself. God knew man could never make it through sinful earth without this Savior. God still wanted His creation to be free to come to Him. So, He created the path through His Son at the Cross. When I read this, this morning, I got a mental picture of myself standing at the Cross. If I looked ahead I saw the Light of Jesus. If I looked behind me I saw my past and all the sin involved in it. The farther I walk into the Light of Christ from the Cross, the more brilliant the Light becomes. It is a glorious picture!

Today my daughter and her soon to be husband will stand together to unite in marriage. I will encourage them to look around them and ahead of them. There is a brilliant Light when we look ahead recognizing our past is now behind. All that it entailed is behind if we let it go at the Cross of Christ. Christ did His Father’s Work so we can choose to know God as He wanted to be known to us! Loving and Kind and yet King!

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