March has come–Spring is upon us, the wedding was superb, now it is to California we go. My biggest hope yesterday was for God to be glorified. I believe He was. The brilliance of His Light seemed to glow and my heart is full.

There was an unexpected blessing yesterday morning. My ex-wife and I were able to talk about our own pasts and the lies we believed about ourselves while we were married and what led to our divorce. Kathy was listening to us and I knew she was praying. My ex-wife’s ex-husband was also present and he had tears rolling down his cheeks while this conversation took place. It really was a healing moment for everyone present. I shared with her the Mending the Soul material we use for abuse victims with our restoration classes at church. This is what did so much good for me a year ago. I believe she will find someone to go through it with when she gets home. She has her own story which God is waiting to heal.

Our God is such an loving, amazing God–full of patience and wisdom waiting for us to finally see Him even in the tortuous past which Satan has used against us throughout our life. Yes, God does provide a way of escape once we finally take the step of faith into what we call darkness so the penetrating Light of His Love can shatter the darkness and shed Light onto the Truth of His Healing Love. This started yesterday morning in an area I never thought would happen. Praise God!

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