As I was journaling this morning I found myself troubled over some situations which had taken place. I was writing about them as though my writing was, of course, in line with God’s. However, when I asked my daily question of what Jesus wanted me to know for today, He was quick to point out that the troubled feelings I had from yesterday were mine. They had nothing to do with Him. He wanted me to be reminded of the fact that He is the judge and I am not. He wants me seeking His Wisdom when I am troubled, not jumping to conclusions as though my conclusions are endorsed by Him. This was a timely and good lesson for me.

Today we will spend most of it with my niece and her family. It is Alice’s family. Alice will be there too. We will go and pick her up on our way. She is fragile and will never do the things we use to be able to do together. I can come to grips with this as hard as it is. It is hard to know what she treasures these days for most of her expression is gone. I will just rely on what seems appropriate at the time. In spite of this, I know God is good and is in the midst of this all. Human life is temporary, and life with Jesus is what is eternal. I’m so grateful for this truth!

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