I didn’t forget yesterday’s blog due to time change, it was that we were gong to church with my aunt and family and the service they attend is at 8:00 am so we were up and gone early in order to be there on time. We spent much of the day with them and it was glorious! My cousin is the one who heads the recovery program at their church and last year I gave my testimony for them. Having dinner with them and sharing so much about life along with the humorous moments thrown in was a huge treat.

Today we head back to Idaho leaving here a little before noon to return the car and get to the airport. It has been a trip to remember and cherish. This morning as I was journaling I asked God what He wanted me to know from Him for today? He reminded me that I have not gone yet so don’t move home in my mind. Enjoy the remaining time with my sis Bonnie. Each day has been a reward in so many ways. I do thank God for this time with her and with all of our remaining relatives here. God is actively working and this trip was a nice reminder of this.

This morning’s devotions tied directly to the pastor’s sermon yesterday. “Don’t think you need more of the Holy Spirit in your life, know that the Holy Spirit needs more of you surrendered to Him.” The only darkness in our lives is that which we still are trying to hide or keep hidden from others. Don’t let this happen–surrender this and let the purifying Light of Jesus shine through. God wants to heal while Satan wants to destroy. I know all of this so well and loved the sermon as well as my morning reminder today.

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