I feel as though I’ve been in a time warp. Today I’m back home in Idaho and the past 8 days were somewhat of a dream. I re-enter a world of doing as I am up today. I read in my devotionals about the word of God and how it can simply be read as a story book or it can be read and interpreted by The Holy Spirit to our own spirit where the meaning goes deeply into God’s purposes. My scripture reading is in John where Christ is telling the disciples that they must decide to follow Him or to stay in the false mindsets of the Jewish leaders.

The deeper message of today is not so much about the doing, but about the motivation for the doing. The book of John is said to be the book of love. John was noted for understanding the love of Christ more so than the other disciples. I sense the challenge to analyze all of the doing I take part in and see if the results are of love or of a selfish motivation? As I step into today I will be more conscious of people for which I mingle. I ask God’s Spirit to speak to me and confirm or dis-confirm the purity of my motives. I don’t want to be selfish, but I do want to be fully surrendered.

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