Our walk with God is never complete while we are here on earth. There is always more to learn and know about Him. Last night’s Mending the Soul class had only two of us in it for the men. Last week with my absence, only two of the 4 could meet so I met last night with the other one who wasn’t present last week. It allowed us to talk deeply about the cost of abuse as it relates to one’s beliefs and understandings about God.

As I continue through the book of John I read this morning about how the disciples questioned Jesus about God the Father. Jesus told them if you know me, you will know the Father. The disciples couldn’t see this then and I don’t think I see it very well today. It is difficult to get what one knows into what one believes. Another way of putting this is: “I believe, help thou my unbelief”. My trust has grown tremendously in the past few years and my understanding that God is an all-loving God has likewise grown. Still, as I walk through the questions we process in our class, I linger at times around the questions which go deeply into the core of believing. Sometimes it is easier to see God’s love for someone else than it is for oneself.

What I do know is that my intimacy with God is so much richer than it has ever been. My love and thanks for God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit is so much more than it has ever been. With this said, I go back to my opening line that our walk with God will never be complete while here on earth. However, what it will be is a growing love and intimacy which I cherish and want to share as much as possible.

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