Yesterday turned out to be one of those remarkable days where God seemed to proclaim Himself in many ways. A man who had struggled with porn a good deal of his life contacted me Sunday evening asking me to meet him yesterday at noon. He’d relapsed and his wife had found the evidence. I had contacted my prayer warrior ahead of leaving and Kathy and I prayed together ahead of my leaving. She actually went to be with the wife as I met with the husband. (The wife wasn’t found at work or home so this was a time for Kathy to pray rather than meet). This story has much within it that I won’t disclose, but the critical side of it needing to be addressed was fear. The husband was rather certain he’d come home to find his wife prepping for him to leave and their marriage would be over. I prayed with him that God would perform His work of healing rather than man’s work of judgment. That the intimate doors of communication would open for this couple so they would be able to express to one another their personal, intimate needs so God could use them to support one another rather than judge one another. God’s time for judgement of mankind is coming, but it is not today. We were together for most of 2 hours and then I left and he went back to work.

Last early evening I got a text from the husband. He got home to find his wife waiting to wash his feet and ask for forgiveness of her judgmental attitude towards him. They spent the night working through what needed to be talked about. Counseling is going to be next in order for them and both desire this.

I praise God for His loving concern He has for each of us. I also praise God for the tender heart this wife had in being able to listen to Him and hear the spirit of her husband rather than judging the action he still seeks to break the bondage from. The ugliness of man and sin can only be turned into Glorious Light when we bring it into God’s Light through confession and repentance . The darkness flees in the Light’s presence. Cleansing and healing come when we remain in the Light as difficult as it is at these times. To God be all Glory for great things He does!

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