Last night our men’s class for Mending the Soul completed the last chapter of the curriculum–Mending the Soul. It was a touching moment. Last fall when we met for the first time I gave each member a sheet of paper where they were to answer three questions: “What is my relationship with God like?” “What do I struggle with at this time in my life?” “What are my prayers, desires, and expectations for this series?” I had put each letter in a sealed envelope and kept them for the moment of last night. I gave each one their letter and had them read it silently. We then, if willing, read our own letter to the group and responded to it now that the class is finished. It was a touching and remarkable time seeing and hearing just how intimately God had been completing what each letter expressed and so much more.

Our God is so Amazing! This present time of distancing ourselves from one another is certainly not a time when I have to distance myself from God my Father. In fact, I have ample time to simply sup with Him–commune with Him. There are a number of ways in today’s society for us to connect with one another without being physically present. I want to do a better job using this time we presently have to reach out and be a “Barnabas”–an encourager for others.

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