the journey continues: mar. 26, 2020

Idaho is on a 21 day shutdown. The worship team for this Sunday’s streaming at church is now not to take place. The small groups for our restoration classes cannot meet face to face and the men’s step study I lead is not to gather. We move to a totally on-line meeting platform as of today. I had hoped we wouldn’t need to go this far, but the proclamation has now been given. My brother and I are helping a widow move this Saturday from her present residence which has been sold so she can’t rent it any longer. I’m not even sure we would have permission for this if we were to ask someone. I’m not asking.

Someday we will know the entire story behind this world-wide catastrophe. For today, I simply want to trust God knowing He is ultimately in control of what man keeps trying to be. God tells us to obey the law of the land and I want to. I also want to obey God’s nudges. Now is a good time for me to question and scrutinize whether I’m responding to my will’s nudges or The Holy Spirit’s nudges. This is my test of the day.

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