This morning I feel puzzled about how to move forward? Half of our step study men can’t use a platform electronically for meeting. Last night’s attempt to meet electronically for Celebrate Recovery only had 5 men and 4 women participating. Unfortunately, the ones taking part were all in leadership with the exception of one. As I write this I realize that if one benefits from God’s work, it is all worthwhile. I do need direction for the step study. Maybe the right thing to do is not to move forward but to pause until this present status passes. I’ve taken this to God earlier this morning and so I will see how He leads.

I have two conference calls this morning also regarding the consulting work which is on pause. The teachers go back to work next Monday to start virtual classroom teaching. There are things I could be doing if I were present on site, but there doesn’t seem to be anything I can contribute from home. I do pray for them each day but my emotions feel that isn’t enough. I write this knowing we have a world in crisis right now with millions of folks wondering what their next steps can be and/or should be. I simply express what my personal journey seems to be.

I do sense God nudging me to quit looking at what I can’t do and do what I can. There are those things I can do and quite a number of them for home, family, schools and ministry. So, with this written now, I will spend the rest of today working on what I can do and letting go of what is not to be done for now. God is so good at keeping us focused on HIM.

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