In my humanness I have always thought that obeying Christ meant doing something for Him. Even though I know from scripture that obeying Christ might mean not doing something at this present time. In my scripture reading this morning of Acts 16, Paul and Silas were not given permission by the Holy Spirit to enter Asia. Instead, they were led to another city.

Yesterday, my post talked about my frustration with our step study for Celebrate Recovery. I needed to let the men know what virtual platform we would use to continue our weekly meetings. I knew I couldn’t do it with one of the platforms so I was researching others I could use. It wasn’t until later in the day that God finally got into my mind that obedience at this time was to “not go there”. As I talked to a couple of the individuals in the group I found that they had obstacles to a virtual platform. It simply wouldn’t work for them. Options could be meeting with each one individually, but I also knew that this removed each one’s ability to listen to each other’s responses to the important questions. The Holy Spirit uses this time to open one’s mind and heart. I finally realized that obedience was going to look like “not doing”. I finally got it!

It seems like such a small item, pausing a group getting together. However, for me, I felt like I was letting everyone down. Obedience to God really is about obeying the nudges we get. I spent half of yesterday learning that obedience wasn’t about another way around the problem. It was all about not going there at this time. The door will open again and when it does, we will know to start. Simple obedience–not such an easy lesson for me.

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