I think I’d mentioned helping a widow move into a senior citizen apartment yesterday. My younger brother and I helped a small group with this. I’ve known this lady since my birth. She says she changed my diapers in the church nursery. This same lady worked in my school for a time while I was principal and was a wonderful help to so many children and even their parents. It was a joy to give back to her in a way that helps her in this time of her life.

My brother was also a big help to Kathy and me. We had, what I thought, was a minor plumbing problem. As he tore into it I found it to be much bigger, yet he had it fixed in a matter of an hour or so. The day ended with him and his wife staying for BBQ’d steaks.

Yesterday felt like a typical day in many ways. There were a number of things to do and we did them. However, I move into today and it is a day without the things to do. In fact, it is the first Sunday where I’ve not been on a vacation of sorts that has nothing to do. Yes, I will listen to our pastor give the sermon in a streaming fashion, but there is no worship, no choir, no class–all of which seem like “things to do”. This idea of doing is truly drilled into my identity so reworking that into each day is requiring some letting go of what I thought made me worthwhile.

The day will come when each of us will look back at this time and reflect on all of the learning we gleaned from this time of earthly crisis. I want to learn them from God’s Spirit’s leading and not from man. To God be the Glory for He is our Lord, Teacher and Guide.

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