As I began my journaling this morning and asked Jesus what He wanted me to know for today, His message was about reflecting Him as I live. He was bringing to memory how hard I’ve worked to stop the repetition of sin in my life and to help others do the same. Today He was emphasizing the need to not only do this, but in the absence of sin in life, there needs to be a reflection of Christ replacing it. In other words, it is one thing to stop sinning, it is another thing to now be a reflection of Christ. To emphasize this even more, this was the exact message of my devotional. I told God, “Thank you, I got the message.” Somehow I think this must happen without us consciously knowing it. I surrender my will to the leading of The Holy Spirit today.

This afternoon there is an event to take place at our home. It involves a virtual counseling session for another couple. I won’t go into it’s details, but I do pray for Christ to be fully seen in this and His healing to begin as a result of it.

The world is shut down in many ways as far as man goes. However, God’s Work is never shut down. He is continuously at Work completing His Plan. Somehow I want to stay connected to this as He leads through His Holy Spirit.

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