It’s raining! Hallelujah! Some readers of this might not enjoy the rain like I do. But, living in a desert climate most of my life I know the importance of rain for the crops of the land. It brings out the farmer in my heart.

Today I get to virtually connect with the staff at the school district where I have spent the most time in these last two years. Everyone is gearing up for virtual classroom teaching. I don’t know if there is anything I can do for them at this point, but it is good to be able to connect to their meetings so I can stay abreast of what is taking place. I pray for them each day and know God will use this time as we commit it to Him and His leading.

Today my devotional brought to light the significance of temptation. I’ve struggled so much with this topic all of my life that I’ve loathed the word. Oswald Chambers said in the reading that temptation is not a sin–(I knew that–it just reminds me of the wickedness of sin and I’m now part of it because I’m tempted). He says that being tempted means we have a depth of relationship with Christ or we wouldn’t even be bothered by it. Also, no matter how close our walk with Christ is, we will encounter temptation. Our humanness is never not be with us as long as we’re here on earth.

This devotional was written around the scripture I Corinthians 10:13–“There has no temptation taken you but what is common to man. But, God is faithful and just to provide a way of escape….” This verse was given to me at a critical time in my high school days. I knew it should mean something important, but it didn’t seem to stop any of the abuse taking place at that time. I misunderstood it and have for such a long time. I wanted this promise to stop the abuse. However, the promise is for me and my sin, not for my brother and his sins or my dad and his sins. There are other promises God gives for me with them.

Today’s devotion shows me that temptation doesn’t make me a sinner. It makes me human. I loved being reminded of this. God is always so good at showing us His Light in our areas of darkness.

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