I found out yesterday late morning that I have possibly been exposed to this virus. One of our Celebrate Recovery leaders was diagnosed with it. The hospital called her husband to tell him the results came back positive. She had been told it wasn’t the virus and that she simply had pneumonia. They are now under quarantine. I had been with her 5 days before she began to have symptoms. Today is the 14th day since that exposure so I’m rather certain I’ll be fine. This did bring to me the reality for each of us to be very cautious during this time. It seems I heard God’s voice this morning reminding me to use His Spirit’s nudges as I do what I do rather than my own stubborn will. Sometimes it’s hard to determine this at the moment, but I do want to be smart and sensitive to God’s nudge. I’d hate to think I exposed anyone to this cruel virus.

We had an earthquake early last evening. It was an unusual experience and took me back to my early childhood when we lived in S. California where we had quake drills along with fire drills. The epicenter wasn’t close to us but more in the mountains 100+ miles northeast of us. My youngest grandson asked his mom if the earth was coming to an end?! I laughed when I heard this but I do realize that to a child, this can be a very alarming experience.

There are many signs of our human frailty taking place today. I pray man will look to God and not to himself as we move through this time.

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