Today is my middle daughter’s birthday. Happy Birthday Amber! In spite of isolation, the day has already started as a blessing. When I texted her earlier this morning she responded saying friends had come and decorated her front lawn and left a couple gifts. She is in Oklahoma City so our participation is truly long distance.

Easter’s celebration truly was different this year, but that was only on what man did. Easter will always be the same, however, because of what Christ did! Man is so self-centered that we keep thinking the event is ruined if we don’t do it right. Everything about Easter is about what Christ did, not what man did or does. The celebration God desires is the one when man has turned to Him through His Son Jesus Christ. This is why Christ came. This is the message we need to always proclaim. This is the truest celebration of Easter.

Even in this time of isolation we are never isolated from Christ Jesus and His Gift to us–The Holy Spirit. I want to listen to His nudges in how to make this time we are in a continued time of obedience and surrender to Him.

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