As I begin to write today’s blog I am somewhat at a loss as to what should be written. What I am compelled to write about is BELIEVE. This has been the strong message of the morning. As I started my devotional time my intuition was telling me to believe. I was journaling about the struggle I was facing. As I was reading in my devotional it was centered on believing. Then, as I began to read Romans 10 I get to the 17th verse which says: “So faith comes by hearing and what is heard comes by preaching of Christ.” Joyce Meyers writes an insert at this point which says: “When the Word is heard, faith is imparted to believe it. Once we have heard the Word and believe it, we should continue believing…As believers one of our most important jobs is to simply believe…”

Today I have a simple task to get done which is one of those my dad would tell me, “I wouldn’t let anyone else know you did that.” So, as I head into doing the task my belief is very weak. Thus, having the word BELIEVE being the focus of the morning’s devotion simply sits me back and challenges me to address what I do believe about God and me as a team. I can easily confess when I step into a project like this morning I only see me screwing up something which another man would complete in a short while without a hitch. I don’t see God connected to it at all–just me making another mess of things. This morning I am challenged to address all of this. In reality, so what if I have to redo something. It doesn’t make me a failure. This is what I’d tell anyone else and God is wanting me to see this for myself.

Today–I BELIEVE. I am going to believe as I start today and I am going to be a believer throughout the day.

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