You may be wondering how yesterday’s task turned out? Even if you’re not wondering about it I’m going to address it for a moment. Simply put, it came together without a hitch. I’m always amazed to work through an item like yesterday, fearing the worst each and every time, keeping all of my angst inside so others don’t have new ammunition to substantiate their belief that I’m less of a man than they are, etc. Then I address it to find it worked out just fine and what was eating on me had nothing to do with being a man, it all had to do with being abused as a child. No wonder God was telling me yesterday to focus on believing. For a moment I’d forgotten I was the new creation and I was back being the incapable person/boy who could only do what a woman does (as dad would say).

The added blessing of yesterday was getting a new router for our home’s wireless network. The original one kept quitting on us so the provider was sending out a tech to address it. He’s the one who said to not use the router provided by them. He told me what a good one would be so I could get it and then connect it. I had him walk me through the installation of it as this would likely make me go right back to yesterday. It wasn’t as straight forward as the tech told me, but it is working and I did it (well, God and I did it).

I look at today and yesterday’s blogs and think there is nothing spiritual about either of them–they simply give light to my struggles. Yet, I sense God wanting me to write this so any reader who may struggle with their own personal belief system will know they do not struggle alone. More than that, God is right here with us even in the little details of everyday living. This journey of living one day at a time has many bumps in it and sometimes mountains. The key to all of it is not hiding, but believing that we are never facing any bump or mountain alone. God is always at our side and so are other men if we only open up to the one/s God nudges us to tell.

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