God’s consistent caring was emphasized this morning once again. Coming off of the past couple days, I was just relieved to have them behind me. However, God is never done with our learning from His presence with us. This was shown in today’s devotions.

My devotional reading was emphasizing the importance of surrender to Jesus’ leadership in our lives. The author was clarifying it by literally naming: mind, thoughts, motives, eyes, ears, tongue, hands, feet, emotions–and even the ones we possess but don’t mention. Have we literally surrendered all of us to Jesus’ control? In my growing up years this was called sanctification. I often pray for God to take all of me and use it for His honor and glory. However, it was very different today when I took time to reflect upon each and every body part which I have some sense of control over (or it has control of me). Romans 12, as I got to my bible reading, was emphasizing the importance of total surrender to Jesus. I loved how Paul has carefully walked the reader through the struggles of living for Jesus in the earlier chapters. Then he helps us see how critically important it is to know that all of these struggles have been taken to the Cross by Jesus Christ. Now in chapter 12 Paul is having us recognize the foundation of our struggles. That is why we are to reflect on every aspect of our person as mentioned above.

In the past couple of days I easily see how my emotions had been occupying my belief. Chapter 12 tells us to surrender everything to Jesus and to believe. For me, this is the reason starting my day with Jesus is so important. I need to get grounded daily in who I want controlling my day and me in the day. Everything about us Jesus wants to use for His Honor and Glory. This can only happen if I am totally surrendered. How intimate and caring our Father is!

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