Today will be an insightful one. This morning our Ministry Leaders for Celebrate Recovery are meeting with a couple of our pastors to talk through how our ministry can restart and when. We will also talk about our restoration classes which had not finished last March when everything shut down. I will be glad to know how all of this will come together.

God has been showing me a good deal of late about Him and me. I’ve written about some of the selfishness I’ve been seeing and a lot has been seen about choices. God has always given us choice. This is probably one of the nicest things God gave us as man, but sin turned it into the curse that it is when man stepped into sin and the curse became ours. In working with recovery ministry one sees this curse of sin often because attendees are talking about it. When we live in the world outside of recovery we rarely hear man talking about it because in this part of life man is usually hiding his involvement/choices.

My heart is yearning to get back into the ministry work where we aren’t just maintaining, but we are facilitating steps being taken for freedom. It is hard to do this without physical presence. I know God’s Holy Spirit is the One Who heals and sheds this Light so I want today to be open to seeing what God’s Light sheds as we meet.

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