The meeting yesterday with our pastoral staff went very well. It was so good to hear it said that next to our church’s Sunday morning worship, Celebrate Recovery was next in line. The staff understood and appreciated the need to be together not just for the ones who have attended, but for all those who wish to attend but haven’t been able to do so. So, next Thursday we will open the doors. Yes, there are restrictions which will be in place, but just to be there, able to talk freely face to face will be a privilege. We will also be recording it so others who wish not to attend at this point can receive the lesson/testimony.

One of my devotional readings this morning asked the question: “Are you ready to look deeply at yourself with courage?” I was challenged by this question. I have felt of late that God has been wanting me to take a very close look at Him and me. I use to say I know myself well. When I’d say that I would be referencing my skill set. This question is referencing what is standing in the way of one becoming more Christ-like? It has always been easy to say I’m glad I’m not like my father or like my brother. However, if I look deeply at myself with courage I must admit I see natures within me which resemble both of them. It makes me realize that becoming more Christ-like doesn’t mean an absence of selfish nature, it’s far more about what we do with this selfish nature.

As my journey continues I want to be courageous in not only seeing myself deeply, but then strong enough to surrender it so my actions do not portray it. I want to be a surrendered soul to Jesus so His Light shines through me. This is once again why the Serenity Prayer is always important to remember. This process is a day by day decision and often a moment by moment one too.

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