My day yesterday was to have been spent at my youngest daughter’s place getting some projects done for her in her yard. However, as I’d finished my devotional time my brother called and he was wanting to come over and put in the water softener and water heater which had arrived at the plumbing shop he use to own. So, today I go to my daughter’s. It is very nice to have these taken care of. The softener had a slow leak I’d found and it wasn’t repairable so my good brother said lets do both while he’s doing the one since both were 22 years old they were somewhat in the way of each other. Now it is done!

I wrote yesterday about my need to go deeply into the makeup of myself and to do this with courage. As I’m reading II Corinthians Paul is asking this of the people of Corinth. He talks about how Christ had led him to do this. I really appreciated what I read this morning regarding this inward search. Joyce Meyer says that as we give our sin to Jesus he in turn gives us His righteousness. We are to exchange our sin consciousness for a righteousness consciousness. (Saying this verbally is a mouthful of syllables.) But, in reality, it is exactly what Christ is wanting to do for me–for each of us.

What I love about this exercise is that when I go deeply into my inner self and I find my selfishness, my pridefulness, I have the choice of no longer hiding it and instead, exchanging it for Christ’s righteousness. This is a lot easier to write right now than it is to do it. However, I’ve not seen this process so clearly as I do today. I don’t want to hide any longer these characteristics of myself. I want to exchange them and in so doing, find the strength of God to actually change and be this image of Christ He offers me. I’ve made this personal as I write this paragraph, but the process of doing this is to be personal for each one of us. The freedom which follows this process is waiting for you and me!

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