the journey continues: may 10, 2020

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY for all of you readers who are moms! This is one of the most important days we celebrate. You are the ones who stay when everything is crumbling. You are the one who checks in to make sure everyone’s ok. You are the one I’ve always thought best represent the Holy Spirit in flesh clothing. Thank you for all of this and so much more!

As I continue on this current assignment during my journey (this assignment of going deeply into who I am), I find fear. It hits today since today is a special day. I enjoy special days until they arrive. Most of what I think about on special days is getting through them. It is not specific to Mother’s Day, it is any special day. As I started today and felt this common dread I did what I haven’t done. I asked Jesus to help me take a look at it rather than stuff it. In so doing I heard a message I’ve not heard before. He seemed to say that special days are man-made. You’ve struggled pleasing man in your own mind hearing all of the criticism growing up from your dad. You fear it still today. I want you to remember that even in special days like today I want you to please Me and do as I nudge you. Knowing at the end of the day you have pleased Me gives a much deeper gratification than any from pleasing man. Most likely in pleasing Me, you will have pleased man too.

I must say that this message simply took the dread away. I love this Jesus–Savior, Lord and Friend!

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