Have you ever experienced walking through a cave? The darkness is unlike any other. This morning’s devotional time had me going deeply into the “caves of my mind”. There were two of them. One is the cave of the past, the other is the cave of the future. As I’ve been challenged to go deeply into who I am, I find these two caves. I have spent the last 12-13 years dealing with the cave of my past. I’ve found Christ in it and I’ve had Him shedding His powerful Light of Healing into this darkness. As I looked into the cave of my past this morning I did see darkness, but it is easy to shed Light into it. However, as I realized the cave of my future I only found that penetrating darkness.

I have always been a person who definitely lives in the present, but thinks in the future. What I realized this morning was the future I think in does not address the darkness of this cave deep within me. In that cave I found all the fears which started in my childhood being projected into my future. I hadn’t even realized this cave existed until today. The challenge of going deeply into oneself was to examine the findings and then bring God into these findings. Thus, I found that I’d done this with the cave of my past; however, finding God in this cave of the future made me realize things like, faith, trust, believing which I wasn’t using there. I discovered that I tend to stuff my fears of the future rather than releasing them in trust to this wonderful God I serve.

Today has been the day of discovery. I’ve got some work to do now that I’ve found this cave. But, already I know the One who holds the Heavenly Flashlight and I trust Him!

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