I’ve never before sat and thought through (or allowed God to guide my thinking through) the fears of past and future. The caves I talked about yesterday. I’ve certainly dealt with many fears from my past and God has done miraculous healing over and over with this area. A major difference between fears of past and fears of future are the fears of past are based on actual things which happened and left a good deal of damage for me to address which meant hide them for much of my life. However, these fears of the future are a totally different animal. There is nothing tangible about them. They only connect to “what if’s” or “maybe this or that”. Addressing them is like trying to sit on a balloon and it just bulges out one side or the other. There is never any comfortable spot for relaxing.

Bringing God into this cave of darkness relating to my future has been quite amazing. There is nothing in this cave but fear itself. The uncertainties of life live there. In exposing this I have found it so much easier to simply say–“You don’t own me anymore!” Giving these fears over to God and letting Him flip the Light switch to “on” has allowed this to happen. Believing &Trusting are key elements. Knowing that the God Who brought about such healing from the darkness cave of my past is the same God Who helps us with the darkness for the future, brings all kinds of FAITH! I also have learned that this is more than a one-time event. Surrendering fear needs to be done as frequently as it arrives. The face of fear looks much like the face of evil–Satan himself. He flees from the Light of God–Jesus. I’m so grateful to now have God’s Light to shine in this area.

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