A week or so ago I read an article that talked about the Ignatian Exercises. They come from the work of St. Ignatius who lived in the 15th century. These exercises talk about a hunger for freedom from sin as one enters into the second week of following these exercises. I’ve had this hunger for much of my life but have often wondered how it can be found when we live in the flesh. It says to meditate on the life of Jesus from his birth to his ministry days. It is during this time that Jesus learned how to hear God, respond to God and to discern the ways of man. I’m going to be doing this in the next few days. The first week is about mourning sin, understanding and being in awe of God’s kindness, and having a hunger for freedom from all that entangles.

There is an entire conference for this. For some reason I’m prodded to delve into it on my own. So much of each week’s work has to do with steps I’ve already done, but I know there are elements of flesh that still bind me. The fears of past and future which I’ve written about in the past few days speak to this. Having the Light turned on yesterday exposing the fears of the future as simply an empty room with the ugly face of evil made my realize a kindness of God I only know in part.

Learning to hear God, trust Him and respond to Him is my next assignment. How beautiful our God is!

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