As I began my devotional time today I was journaling to Jesus about our relationship. I had to confess to Him that I’ve never thought He and I were equal as far as human flesh is concerned during His years on earth. I have thought that since He had a direct connect to God with God being His Dad, He could withstand sin while I couldn’t. Getting that out in the open allowed a pathway to open up between us. I ended up going back into the darkness of my past and visiting a time when I was only 9 or 10 and I had an encounter with The Holy Spirit. It wasn’t anything overwhelming, but it was definite. What I recall is being alone on a ditch bank at one of our pastures. It was a Sunday and we’d just returned from church. I was lamenting the abuse I’d been experiencing. I had this presence come about me which for the moment made me feel loved and accepted. I started crying as a boy not knowing where this came from, but loving this sense of acceptance.

As I begin to process/experience a week of examining Christ’s life on earth from birth to His ministry I see first-hand the connection He had to The Holy Spirit. Somehow Jesus knew He was loved and accepted by His Heavenly Dad and likely he knew he was accepted by his earthly dad. The Holy Spirit is a huge link in this and likely He will be increasing as this journey continues.

My dad use to say he needed to break my spirit/kill my spirit. Now, God is breathing new life/spirit that He wants understood. The new creation He makes us to be has a spirit which is alive and well and knows The Holy Spirit. I have much to learn and I want to be a good student in this process.

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