Today is an important one for me. I step into some work with the school districts that will hopefully have lasting effects. It all starts with some professional development taking place which aligns with a new curriculum being purchased supporting students’ learning to read and learning to apply their reading to all other areas of their learning. OK, all of this is important to me, but I never want this to be my work, but God’s work in and through me.

A year ago I was praying for a colleague who was applying for a superintendent’s job with a neighboring school district that has gone through deep community strife. She was hired and I spent a good deal of time in the summer and fall giving assistance for a healthy start. It seemed to be paying off and a new day seemed to be on the horizon. I work with one of the schools within the district so we stayed in touch throughout the year. I was called yesterday afternoon by her and told she had resigned. The pressure was simply too great and the effects on her and her family were too severe. My devotional focus this morning was largely on JOY. It was a good reminder to help others see God’s work even in our most stressful times. I know this person will find a new position where her strengths are appreciated and respected. I’m also sure she planted many seeds which will likely turn into fruit from another’s leadership.

Keeping my eyes on the fact that God is tremendously involved in all things is so important. If I lose sight of this I don’t advise well and stress/worry take over. Joy is lost. One other thing God is helping me see now that I’m much more open to His Spirit’s leading in my life, is my own spirit wanting to have its way. I’m finding that one can’t have God’s Spirit leading one’s life without this Light showing the selfishness of one’s own self. Instead of squelching this I want to expose it and surrender it. Each day is a new day of learning to walk closer and closer to my Heavenly Dad.

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