Day-long Spirit-filled living is certainly a new mode of operation for me. I had written yesterday that I had a more typical day yesterday resembling ones before the pandemic. I invited God to join me and knew I had His Holy Spirit with me, but I found myself (as I reflect) wanting God to join my work. It is an entire shift in one’s thinking when I awaken to me joining God’s Work instead of Him joining mine. During the days of isolation we’ve recently had, it was simple to have time pondering what joining God’s Work was like and doing it as a servant of Him. However, step back into a day patterned more like one of the recent past and I fall prey to old self.

In my devotional time today I read that when we have surrendered fully to God’s Spirit leading us He will reveal areas of our life, rooms we protect, which are not yet surrendered. I found one of them yesterday which I will now address. It has to do with how I operate at home. My selfishness comes out far more here than at any other place. Maybe that is true for each of us, but I’m only charged with me being surrendered in all areas of my own life. I’m much more awake to it and I am seeing areas God is wanting me to now address.

I started to ponder how God operates when He is home rather than when He is at work and I had to laugh at myself. I’m sure there is absolutely no difference for Him. He is always at home for the universe is His Home. All that transpires in the universe is doing so within His home. I’m the one who calls what I “humanly own and where I humanly reside” my home. Today I want to stay awake to The Holy Spirit throughout my day.

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