Today Paul wrapped up his letter to Timothy in I Timothy 6. “Fight the good fight”, “learn to be content”. These two focus areas were big ones for Paul as he is instructing Timothy. God took Paul through many strenuous circumstances teaching him these character traits. Paul is instructing Timothy about their importance. While I am reading this I felt like Timothy. I am needing solid instruction in what a good fight looks like which we participate in but let God do the fighting–all the while being content.

One of the quotes Joyce Meyer provides is a home-run for me. It reads: “We usually don’t learn contentment until we give up seeking it our way. What usually happens is that we live discontented lives for a long time and then finally pray, ‘Lord, I do not want to live this way any longer. Getting this thing or having that thing is not worth it. I do not want to be miserable anymore!'”

Right now for me it is about waiting patiently and being content in the waiting. There are many unknowns I’d like to put a plan to but now is not the time for the plan. I sense strongly God is working out details I can’t see. I really needed today’s lesson. I want to fight this battle by being content in waiting. This is another one of those “one day at a time–one moment at a time” items.

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