Happy Father’s Day–to any reader who is a dad. We will have a house and yard full of kids and grandkids later today. That is the joy of this day!

Yesterday I had to confess my selfish desire to not share the day with the needs of another couple. Even though we went, that desire hadn’t changed until I got a chance to see the yard and get better acquainted with the wife. (This couple is related to dear friends of ours and since I like gardening we were asked to give assistance even though we don’t know them very well). The yard had several flower beds which I could instantly tell were well maintained at one time but now left to neglect. I figured the wife had to be the gardener because I knew her husband well enough to know he could care less about a yard. When I met the wife and talked briefly with her about some wishes she had, I saw her heart–it felt like mine does about my own yard! The rest of the work time was spent with a commitment to make this place beautiful for a gardener who can now only garden in her heart. God has a nice way of waking us up when we need to have an attitude adjustment.

Today being Father’s Day and God being our Father, may He be glorified above all others this day!

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