What an amazing God we get to serve! Yesterday was a party day at our home. Our oldest granddaughter’s high school graduation party was finally able to be held and we were the hosts. Her actual graduation will be held next Monday evening and we even get to attend. Her goal is to be a teacher focusing on special education. I love that. She had so many details planned into the party: a picture area, volleyball, canopy with tables and chairs, bouquets, several kinds of tacos and plenty of cupcakes. We had people coming and going most of Thursday and Friday getting all of this set up to her expectations. It ended at 8:00 pm last night and by 9:30 all of it was pretty well cleaned up and dismantled. She had so many friends here to give assistance. It was just a pleasure to be part of this.

The best part was watching and experiencing how eager everyone was to participate in the work of this. I was pondering this morning about our attitudes towards doing God’s work. How eager am I and what kind of an attitude do I have about it? Living each day for God is a party in the making. God wants to celebrate everyone of His kids arrival home with Him. I sure don’t want to be a deterrent to anyone coming to this point in their lives. Instead, I’d like to be a light for Jesus helping people see there is a party awaiting for them!

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