It has been a weekend of events for us starting with the party Friday for our granddaughter. Yesterday had a recital and a 60 year anniversary along with helping my youngest get her car serviced. It was to end with a car parade for all the graduates at our granddaughter’s high school parking lot. I can get lost in all of these thinking they are events to endure until they pass and I can get back to my garden and picking raspberries (which I needed to do yesterday but….). I was journaling about this to God when He reminded me I can relax even during the events I’m attending. It is all about an attitude adjustment. I don’t need to go into a day as though it were a day of meetings at school all with a tight agenda. Each of these events is a celebration which needs to be relaxing and rewarding. It was nice to see them this way and it was even nicer to experience them this way too.

This journey of life is starting to teach me a lesson I’ve needed to awaken. God has been chipping away at this and finally I’m seeing a Light of truth I’ve yet to see clearly. This Light is that which shines when we go into the day with God rather than asking Him to go with us (me). I’m beginning to see that God never gets uptight. He doesn’t need to–He is ultimately in charge whether man knows this or not. When I join God rather than thinking He needs to join me, I see Him in charge and I can “relax” as He has been reminding me all weekend. My raspberries will get picked–I don’t need to get all uptight about it inside myself!

It is a huge mind shift when I join God in the day rather than asking Him to join me. The one is so selfish keeping me in charge. I’ve not wanted that, but it has been my truth. Today and each day I want to join God and live the day for Him so His Light shines through whatever He has me to do.

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