CELEBRATE FREEDOM! Today we celebrate our country’s freedom which started for us in so many arenas: religious freedom, Britain’s rule, taxation, and so much more. In our flesh and spirit it seemed our original leaders understood the importance of religious freedom and separating it from the government’s rule. However, they also knew that the rules used by the government needed to have God’s design built into them. Today we have drifted so far away from God, it seems our leaders, for the most part, see anything about God’s inclusion as “religious”. I pray for this to be turned around somehow.

As I read my scripture reading this morning I started the small but mighty book of James. I’ve always loved this book because it is written by one of Jesus’ earthly brothers. James didn’t always see his big brother as the true Son of God. Or, if he did, he didn’t respect it as he does when he wrote this book. He addresses so many daily living issues: temptation, forgiveness, faith with action and more. I love what he says about action without faith. I had this all confused for much of my life. I wanted to do “good” to earn my status with Jesus–so He’d love me and find we worthy of cleansing. I was hanging onto the sins done to me not knowing how to let them go and allowing the shame of the sin to be its own control. If I was good at anything I would try and use my strengths to earn this value.

James makes it clear that works done without faith point man to man. Only works done in faith look like God and help others see and find God. This has always been my intent, but it is so wonderful to now be able to live life this way. Life’s journey today does have great enjoyment, but any good I do I sure want it done out of obedience and faith rather than out of the old attempts of my past. I want people to see and find God from actions done today. To God be all Glory!

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