When I started college I had a guy in the dorm tell me to act my age–I was 18. I told him this is how I act so it must be how an 18 year old acts. A few days later he was the one acting crazy and I reminded him to act his age. This is just one little example of man seeing man through his own eyes.

In James chapters 2 & 3, there is an abundance of wisdom given for living a mature, christian life. A large portion is devoted to our tongue and controlling it. Our tongue can be a blessing or a curse in a matter of just a few words in either direction. I know that our tongue is largely tied to our human emotions. I hear James telling me that my tongue can be tied to The Holy Spirit’s leading in my life. I can “stay it” or I can “release it” when I sense the Spirit’s nudging.

I never wanted to be cruel with my words like I found my dad to be–especially when he was angry or when I had done something which seemed to shame him. However, knowing what I don’t want to do doesn’t necessarily prepare me for what to do. There was a lot about living a mature, healthy life which had to be learned through trial and error. James has so much to say in his writings giving aid to one like me. If this is a need for you too, take a moment to let this book speak to you. It only takes a few minutes to read it, but the lessons within it will take a lifetime.

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