Yesterday was a powerful day starting with a sermon from our pastor regarding the present state of our nation and how our behaviors as a nation misalign with the bible and God’s intent for man. It was a tough sermon to deliver, but so worth hearing on each one’s part.

I spent much of the remainder of the day helping a couple of widow friends. The one lost her husband about 6 weeks ago and had a rose bush needing planted which had been given to her at her husband’s passing. As I got there I first noticed her flower bed truly needed weeding so I got both done. As I left there I went to another widow’s home to get pictures for a video being put together. A lady who use to work for me is reaching the end of her life due to cancer and her family is putting together a video of reflection for her. She had worked many years for me but I didn’t have pictures–only stories. My past secretary however, had several so I got them from her and now the video is being made complete. God is so good and it is gratifying to have a little part in what He does.

Today I get to go to one of the schools I work with and spend a few hours with the gentleman who is the new principal. He really is new too, but he is eager to learn. My first secretary that I met with yesterday was reminding me of my first day. I had come to the school, sat down at her desk and asked, “What does a principal do on their first day?” She took the lead in getting me focused and away we went. Now, 41 years later, I want to assist this new one with the same kindness and wisdom as I was given.

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