Today is my youngest daughter’s birthday. It was 34 years ago that she was born and tomorrow it will be 34 years since we brought her home from the hospital. Because we were adopting our daughter we couldn’t be at the hospital for the birth. However, after getting the call that she was born, our neighbor friend went to the hospital and saw her through the window of the nursery. She gave us a report on our new child! God opened the door for us to adopt her and I continue to thank Him for this honor.

I wrapped up the book of James this morning in my bible reading. Chapter 5 has excellent wisdom for living each day. Reading it outlines a very simple process of living for Jesus if we were a puppet and had no choices of our own to make. However, living for Jesus each and every day and turning ourselves around when temptation hits is truly another story. The wisdom is there in James 5:16–confess one to another and the outcome is that we will be healed.

Admitting we have sinned is one thing. Confessing it is another. Admitting is telling, confessing includes admitting along with a plan to step out of the sin. This is what Jesus is asking me to do and each one of us to do. Finding a trustworthy person who doesn’t judge but knows how to support is the answer. In Celebrate Recovery we call this an accountability partner or our sponsor. This person is a real friend! I’m very grateful to have a couple of them in my life. If this is something you need, pray that The Holy Spirit will put a person in your path. Jesus wants each of us to be free.

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