Today’s journey started with an early rising. It is one of the mornings when you awaken to know there is not going to be any going back to sleep so lets get up and check out why. There is a lot on my mind having to do with our restoration ministries. These require intimate time and closeness. The present pandemic keeps us distant and isolated. Yes, we can virtually meet, but that has its own handicaps. Now is the time to get organized for the start of new classes and Celebrate Recovery’s kickoff. So, as I look at our planning for these in the past, there has always been a great plan emerging. Today, as I look at these, I only see confusion, maybe’s , what if’s…. I am hosting our Celebrate Recovery monthly meeting this Sunday at our home where we are to plan all of this out. I feel like all I can do is host a meeting and guide a conversation with about a dozen people.

I just typed this message and as I did I had a moment of seeing in my mind Peter and John conversing when Jesus had ascended into heaven leaving them with the charge to go unto the ends of the earth spreading the Good News. I’ll bet they were awfully confused wondering about a plan to do this when their world’s state was even more divided than our present one. (I also just started reading I Peter this morning where he is writing to never give up hope. He says to seek the Spirit’s leadership in your life and He will give the Light.

I’ve never written this blog where the message is coming to me while I’m writing it. I always have a message to write. Today, I had confusion and in writing this, I sense a plan forming. It is ok to have a meeting addressing the confusion of the present. In so doing, we will seek The Holy Spirit’s presence and to hear His message for us. I’m good with that!

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