The confusion I talked about yesterday as I prepare mentally for Sunday’s meeting was given spiritual attention. I felt as though we needed to have a solid plan ready to enact come mid September for our restoration ministry and for Celebrate Recovery. However, what developed during the day was to focus the meeting on people’s hopes and dreams for Celebrate Recovery and the restoration ministry as we prepare to step into a new year come September. As we record these hopes/dreams we can then see clearly what the obstacles are which restrict it. These then become the concrete items we pray about leaving them for God to deal with knowing they are out of our hands.

It is here that I have to confess even more my own flesh. I have always been one to turn things over to God verbally. But in reality, I want to take care of these details myself and inspire others to do the same with their part. Leaving things for God to do has seemed like a cop out. As I write this today I recognize that I’ve never had the solid belief that God’s Strength would address such detail as these hitting our ministry. I let it go because I can’t do anything with it–so, God, You do something if You want it to happen. (Boy, do I see my flesh as I write this).

God is helping me to see my own disbelief this morning and the weakness of relationship it portrays. The growing intimacy I am finding in God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit is now wanting to address my disbelief and turn it into BELIEF. So, when we meet Sunday, we will have a solid prayer list developed of hopes and dreams which we will commit to praying. This time (for me at least) the prayers will be sincere believing the God of the universe is hearing them and cares deeply about them. The outcome, whatever it will be, will be of God and not of man.

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