As I sit down to write this blog entry I am weighed down with a statement made to me last night at Celebrate Recovery. A gentleman was there with his wife. They were both newcomers. We had a shortage of leaders so Kathy and I thought it best to simply invite them to take part in the small groups as we were needed for leading the small groups. We could take them through a 101 class the following week. I taught the lesson on Relapse which is lesson 21 of 25. As I finished and we were ready to go into small group I approached him and asked if he would be ok just coming to the small group? His response took me back. He said he was just going to leave and go home. This type of recovery wasn’t for him. The talk about God and all was not for him. He went on to say that he was raised in a series of foster homes and he learned that God was very different than “we” talked about. I did let him know that in September we would be starting again at the beginning lessons where connecting with the God he heard about begins. At this beginning is where we learn that God does care for us in spite of what has happened to us in life by man or by ourselves.

There are a number of things I wish I had mentioned last night–primarily the fact that I had so many of my own doubts about the God I adore today. I realize this man will not be left alone by The Holy Spirit and I do pray he will risk returning. God has a love for him he surely needs to find and a recovery awaiting right with that love.

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