Tomorrow will be our Celebrate Recovery meeting day to address some important items as we look into the near future for it and for the restart of restoration classes. I think I’m ready now to lead this discussion and to organize the messages of it into our prayer list. I keep wishing I could tap on the shoulder each person who I’d want present. This is what I surrender to God for I know He is the very One who knows best who He wants present. I need to let His Holy Spirit do His Work of tapping on the shoulder and I stay on my knees in prayer about it. So, that’s what I’m doing today and tomorrow morning.

This present state we are in has put a halt to so much. What I’m awake to now is that God never stops His Kingdom Work just because man is experiencing something overwhelming to him. It has taken several weeks for me to fully awaken to this. If someone would have asked me before the pandemic hit, I wouldn’t have hesitated at all saying that nothing can stand in the way of God’s Kingdom Work. However, for myself, now that I’ve lived through these past few months, I can honestly say, I’ve been the one stymied, not God. Tomorrow’s meeting will allow us to begin hearing God’s Voice and recording what He wants done. This I look forward to with much anticipation!

To God be all GLORY!

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