Today is meeting day. As I began my journaling to Jesus I started with this statement. Instantly I was reminded that the meeting today is simply 2 hours of the entire day. God’s Spirit was reminding me that this morning I am singing with the worship team, listening to a sermon by one of our pastors who I’ve been praying for, spending an hour or so prepping lunch for the group and following the meeting this afternoon I’m taking 3 grandsons shopping for their summer camp supplies. God said He doesn’t want the enjoyment of all these other parts missed because I was too focused on one element. The meeting is His and my trust needs to reflect that by the peace I have from surrendering it.

I don’t usually lead the Celebrate Recovery meetings. Turning the ministry leader role over to another gentleman a couple years ago allowed me more time to devote to our Tuesday night restoration classes. However, today the ministry leader was gone on vacation so he asked if I’d take charge which I was happy to do. In so doing it has given God ample time to get me focused on Him and fully see where my trust in Him has been lagging. I love how much He continues to grow me (us) in our relationship with Him. Intimacy is filled with trust and there is no one I’d want to be intimate with like I do with God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. The other thing which God did is bring the ministry leader home last night. He text me late saying he is home and will be here for the mtg today. I’ll still lead but having his input is important.

So, things are ready. Now I sense anticipation for what God will reveal as we process. But, before this I get to worship Him fully and listen to some excellent wisdom He has bestowed on our pastor delivering the sermon! Afterwards, it is 3 grandsons!

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