Did I say there was a mini-camp happening at our home? Well, almost everything planned didn’t happen, but the three grandsons are here. The important thing seems to be that they get to be together. These three cousins do get along very well so supporting this time for them is important.

Waiting patiently for God’s leadership in what has been our restoration ministry work is not easy for me. I know this present time isn’t easy for anyone. I keep thinking there should be more one can do, but what is it? These are the things which want to bombard my mind and emotions. I read over and over in my devotional time about “do not worry”, “God is in control”, and so many more healthy quotes from God’s Word. Yet, the minute I get away from them I find myself questioning and wondering. I’m in a lesson of life we all go through many times. I will keep surrendering what I know is not of God. He tells me to keep my eyes onto Him rather than onto the circumstances of the day. Trust what I know about Him is my assignment.

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