The mini-camp is done and the campers have gone home. We did start yesterday morning with the devotion that had been planned for the previous night. The message from John 3:16 & 17 was the focus of the devotion for them. All of them knew 3:16 but didn’t know the significance of verse 17. The idea that Jesus didn’t come into the world to condemn it, but to save it can easily get lost. I was nudged to help my grandsons know that once we have Jesus in our own hearts, it is important to help others know this truth about Jesus. Satan is so good at helping us see our ugly humanness and in so doing keeping us focused on Jesus judging us by it. The truth of God’s Word to us is that Christ came to save us. Yes, He will judge but today is not the day of judgment, this is the day to save.

I’ve been troubled of late regarding steps to take for our restoration classes. I appreciated what my devotional had to say this morning. Oswald Chambers writes, “When God brings a time of waiting, and appears to be unresponsive, don’t fill it with busyness, just wait.” This I will do–wait. There are a few readiness steps I know to take, but, the rest, I will wait. God is still on the throne of this universe, I needed to be reminded to let Him take the rightful place on the throne of my life for this present time. It is so easy to take this place in our lives. Today was a good reminder for me. Waiting is sometimes the right action.

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