During this perplexing time of this pandemic, reading Revelation only intensifies the sense of unrest. In fact, reading it makes me realize that what our world is facing presently doesn’t hardly touch the destruction and torture of what’s to come. It takes me back to the stages of focusing our attention on God rather than on man. I believe these days are preparation days for the coming doom written in Revelation. If nothing else, our present state does show me what happens to man when he looks only to himself for answers rather than to our Almighty God Himself.

Today begins the Celebrate Recovery virtual Summit. There are 16 of us gathering at our church to attend it together. I’m eager to simply take part. I want to learn what I can from the leaders of CR to see what God has shown them for this ministry during our present time. It is timely to have it now and know that attendees are present throughout our world.

Each day of late I need to bring myself back to the foundation of who I am and what I am to do. The simple side of this is that I am a new creation given the Holy Spirit to lead me one day at a time. I am to surrender me each and every day to the Power of The Holy Spirit. The future planning I’ve always done this time of year is something I cannot do for now and it is obvious I’m not suppose to. Waiting on God to see just what He has in store is my job. Also then, waiting in real anticipation is my real job rather than waiting in worry and anxiety. God is still on the throne and I don’t want to lose sight of this!

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