Yesterday’s Celebrate Recovery Summit was powerful and impacting. It was different of course, but the messages were so up to date and the reality of God’s Work continues to be evident. At the end of the day we had our own CR as it was Thursday. I was impressed that we had two new comers.

What hit me over and over during the Summit’s many presentations was the message that sobriety and recovery have different meanings. Sobriety tends to mean stopping a bad habit. This can be done through man’s willpower or from God’s transforming power. If it is man’s strength alone it often fails to maintain itself. Recovery on the other hand has the purpose of sobriety, but it means discovering the need for our relationship with God so that our reliance doesn’t come from our own strength for which we know fails. The closer we get to God, the more frequently we turn to Him and the more we create a daily time to commune with Him. This then leads to eventually finding sobriety which lasts.

The reason this was so important for me to hear was my own personal recovery. I came to Celebrate Recovery to find sobriety from the use of porn. However, after a year of failure I was told I needed to address the hurt in my life rather than the habit. The hurt was driving the habit’s use. In so doing I began the recovery walk which has eventually led to finding sobriety. Man emphasizes a higher power in secular recovery. Celebrate Recovery emphasizes Jesus Christ alone as the higher power. As we build this relationship genuine recovery begins and sobriety falls into place. Yes, it still takes work, but the work is no longer in isolation, for it becomes a team effort of God’s Power and man’s surrender. The work is brought into the open. Not only do we benefit from this, but others do to as we share each week and hear the sharing from others.

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